The Aqua Comms team consists of some of the industry’s most experienced executives, all of whom are focused on developing and delivering state-of-the art subsea network solutions

Our Team

At Aqua Comms, we are always striving to become better and improve our performance. We are a very small firm in terms of staff, yet we manage a global asset that stretches 6,000 kilometres across the Atlantic. Meeting our Service SLA is paramount to our success. Delivering against our promise means we continually review our people, skills, competencies, processes, security and operational systems, as well as the performance of the network and landing stations. We are always focusing on our investment of new projects to ensure optimum customer experience, improved availability and system augmentation, driving cohesive and best-in-class operations. We are completely aligned in what we do. We build the cable, we operationalize it, put it into our model, sell it, and operate it. And we do that very efficiently. With a small team, highly efficient operating model and a focused attention on our business, we can take that model around the world where we invest and produce a valuable infrastructure for countries, continents and companies to allow them to build the underlying layer of the internet.

Executive Team

Nigel Bayliff

Chief Executive Officer

Andy Hudson

Chief Network Officer

Kevin Foley

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Bayly

Chief Commercial Officer

Sales and Marketing Team

Maggie Parry

VP Channel Partner Sales

Mike Sauer

VP Americas

Nick Barton

VP Direct Sales, EMEA & Asia

Andrew Wordley

Senior PMO Analyst

Andrea Forder

Marketing Consultant

Network Team

Charles Cumming

Global VP of Operations

Denis Gallagher

Head of Network Engineering

Adrian Clayton

Head of Network Operations

John McGauran

Senior Infrastructure Manager

Jol Paling

Engineering Advisor

Bjoern Haacke

Operations Advisor

Legal & Finance

Sandra Delany

General Counsel

Mark Kelly,

Senior Finance Manager

Fiona Lee,

Financial Controller

Pepa Koleva,

Financial Assistant

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