Aqua Comms Network

Aqua Comms network offers customisable Managed Spectrum on one of the most advanced, coherent subsea cable systems available with a fixed portion of the spectrum available on a fibre pair, subject to frequency limits

State-of-the-art network connecting Europe and the U.S.

Backhaul restoration routes available in Ireland, the U.K. and U.S.

Ciena 6500 equipment deployed throughout Aqua Comms Network

Managed Spectrum

Multiple contiguous channels can be provisioned to provide a portion of the overall spectrum

Managed Spectrum Diagram

For example, Channels 36, 37 and 38 can provide an initial Spectrum of 150 GHz, containing 3 x 100Gbps waves using QPSK modulation (300 Gbps)

As technology improves, this same 150 GHz of spectrum might support 3 x 150 Gbps waves, providing a capacity of 450 Gbps

Hardware Purchase Options

Option 1: Transponders purchased by Aqua Comms

Option 2: Transponders purchased and capitalised by the customer

  • Installation and provisioning service are included in the cost
  • Operations and maintenance are performed for an annual fee, providing the customer a fully managed, turnkey service


Flexible and Scalable

  • Option to purchase or reserve additional spectrum is available – For example, an extra 100 GHz of capacity can be reserved (reservation periods negotiable)
  • Capacity can be turned up as demand for bandwidth increases, providing a wider Spectrum of 250 GHz, supporting 5 x 100 Gbps waves now and possibly 5 x 150 Gbps waves or more in the future
  • Fast provisioning times for on-net routes between PoPs in New York, New Jersey, Dublin, Manchester, Slough and London

Most Secure Route

  • Avoids shallow waters on the U.S. and Irish continental shelves, maximising protection against external aggression


  • Offers increased capacity over time resulting from industry technology advances (e.g., QPSK to 8-QAM)

Commercial Offerings

  • Various IRU terms are offered between 5 and 20 years
  • This allows spectrum and capacity ownership and provides flexible network expansion as demand grows

Cost Structure

  • Initial Spectrum:- A one-off IRU charge for the initial spectrum (n x 100Gbps) with an option to reserve additional contiguous spectrum, as required
  • Expanded Spectrum: – A separate and additional IRU as and when required
  • Operations & Maintenance: An annual O&M fee for the duration of the IRU, or up-front O&M charging if required


  • If customers outgrow their capacity, upgrade paths to Dark Fibre are available

U.S. PoPs

  • New Jersey, 800 Secaucus Rd (Equinix, NY5)
  • New York, 32 Ave of Americas (Telx, NYC3)
  • New York, 60 Hudson St (Equinix, NY8)
  • New York, 111 8th Avenue (Equinix, NY9)
  • New Jersey, NJFX, Wall (planned)
  • New York, 1025 Connect, Westbury, Long Island (planned)


  • Dublin, Interxion DUB2
  • Dublin, Equinix DB3
  • London, Telehouse West
  • London, Equinix Harbour Exchange (LD8)
  • London, Goswell Rd
  • London, Equinix Slough (LD6)
  • Manchester, Computacenter
  • Birmingham, TalkTalk
  • Frankfurt, Interxion (planned)
  • Amsterdam, Equinix (planned)

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