Aqua Comms are continuing their investment in subsea cables by joining the HAVFRUE consortium to create the ‘North Atlantic Loop’ and AEC-2. AEC-2 complements and enhances the AEC-1 network to create a resilient, ring-based infrastructure providing the highest availability between the East Coast of the U.S., Ireland, and Northern Europe. Aqua Comms will offer Capacity Services, Managed Spectrum, Fibre Pair Solutions & Professional Services throughout their network. We are happy to offer our services across multiple systems to offer true diversity, but we can provide these services on a single system to suit your needs. Below is a summary of the existing and planned systems in our network.

  • Unique routing as the first modern, high capacity transatlantic system landing directly in Ireland with access to all major data centre hubs
  • Most secure route, avoiding shallow waters on the U.S. and Irish continental shelves, maximising protection from external aggression
  • Highest availability due to full diversity on all terrestrial backhaul segments in the U.S., Ireland and the UK, and on Irish Sea crossings
  • Highly-efficient PoP to PoP solutions without the requirement for intermediate regeneration
  • Designed to be the most secure transatlantic cable system in existence
  • Provides the highest availability due to full diversity on all terrestrial backhaul segments in the US, Ireland and the UK, and on Irish Sea crossings
  • World-class subsea cable system offers guaranteed SLAs on all network elements and optimised RTDs. Latency from New York-London, (Secaucus to Slough) is approximately 68.1ms
  • Aqua Comms will market and sell capacity services and raw spectrum on its portion of the HAVFRUE cable system under the brand name America Europe Connect-2 (AEC-2)
  • The build of the HAVFRUE / AEC-2 cable system, together with existing systems owned and operated by Aqua Comms, will create a resilient, ring-based infrastructure between the East Coast of the U.S., Ireland, and Northern Europe
  • Connects the hubs of the pan-Atlantic hyperscale data centre industry in North America, Ireland, and Scandinavia
  • Provides the shortest, but most secure crossing of the Irish Sea
  • One of the safest landfalls on the east coast of Ireland, located within kilometres of the city centre with connection to Dublin metro fibre providers
  • Cable system connects into the new Welsh Government Fibre speed network across North Wales to tie into all UK backhaul providers at Deeside, Manchester and Stoke
  • Connects with the existing CeltixConnect-1 and the proposed North Wales Connect to form a fully diverse and reliable circuit between Dublin and Manchester
  • Connectivity to New York and London through the AEConnect network
  • Incorporates a Branching Unit to facilitate connection to the Isle of Man
  • Unique routing the first modern system providing diversity from the UK into northern Europe and avoiding London
  • Connects AEC System directly into Europe using the existing CeltixConnect-1 Irish Sea crossing as well as the new proposed CeltixConnect-2
  • Incorporating Branching Unit(s) to facilitate future connections to Norway and/or the Netherlands
  • Dark Fibre available for presales during development period
  • High Capacity optically repeated submarine cable system matching the Atlantic per fibre pair capacity

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