A new system connecting Europe, The Middle East and India.

EMIC-1, developed by Digital 9 Infrastructure and operated and managed by Aqua Comms, connects the key European hubs of Barcelona, Marseille and Genoa with Salalah, Oman and Mumbai, India, bringing a new, high capacity cable system to underserved markets experiencing exponential growth.

Resilient multi-route path from Port Said to Ras Al Gahreb

Delivering network services to critically underserved markets

Interfaces Available

10, 100G and 400GbE and Spectrum Services

Commercial Options

1. Leases

2. Capitalised Leases

3. IRU

100G – OTU4


Typical lease terms of 12, 24 and 36 months are offered. Various IRU terms are offered between 10 and 20 years, allowing capacity ownership and providing the most cost-efficient options.

Our Additional Low Latency Networks


The most-advanced ‘next-generation’ undersea cable system linking the U.S. to greater Europe.



Aqua Comms owns and operates CeltixConnect-1, a 72-fibre pair subsea cable connecting Ireland and the U.K.



Connects with CeltixConnect-1 to form a fully diverse and reliable circuit between Dublin and Manchester.


North Sea Connect

The first modern, high capacity system crossing the North Sea from the North East U.K. to mainland Europe.


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