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Aqua Comms’ New Ownership and An Expanding Subsea Network

27th May 2021

Aqua Comms was recently acquired by the digital investment trust Digital 9 Infrastructure PLC (AKA D9). How important was this and what does it mean for the company?

Let me start by sharing more about D9. The 9 in Digital 9 represents the UN’s Sustainability Goal No. 9 in the UN Charter, focusing on providing reasonably priced infrastructure throughout the world. Digital 9 Infrastructure plc (D9), is an LSE listed investment trust supported by investment manager Triple Point Investment Management LLP and the fund’s work explores a variety of infrastructure assets associated with the Internet’s foundation layer. Primarily, these assets include: submarine cable, renewable-energy powered data centers, terrestrial fiber networks and radio distribution technologies, the last includes the 5G rollout of distributed antenna systems–the new era of towers.

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