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Aqua Comms: The Trans-Atlantic Communication Specialists

8th September 2020

The global internet, which is elementary in today’s communications, is powered by vast undersea arteries of connectivity—underwater cables. A major eye-opener is that numerous undersea cables are operational around the world, spanning a length of over 1 million kilometers. They are the invisible force that drives the modern internet and facilitates almost all communications in the current world of wireless and smartphones. With internet traffic expected to increase exponentially, companies that use telecoms as a part of their business will have greater capacity needs. The cables’ secure and efficient way of transmitting information, can support the company’s telecom requirements with better speed, reliability, and connectivity. Representing a new breed of submarine cables that support web-scale providers with state-of-the-art connectivity systems and services is Aqua Comms. The company strongly focuses on subsea networks in the North Atlantic market and offers fibre-optic cable networks that enable Trans-Atlantic connectivity for global carriers, cloud-based networks, data centers, IT companies, and the global media.

Founded in 2014, Aqua Comms has established a name for itself due to its excellence in the subsea cabling space. At a time when aging and older technology and cables existing across the Atlantic come to the end of their design life, Aqua Comms offers next-generation, long term subsea network services that ensure continuity and optimized cost modeling. The company owns and operates its flagship cables, America Europe Connect-1 (AEC-1) and CeltixConnect-1 (CC-1). As a carriers’ carrier, the company has been playing a crucial role in delivering secure and resilient TransAtlantic capacity to its customers through its offerings. “Unlike our competitors, our focal point lies in being a subsea carriers’ carrier through the outsourced model that we offer,” says Andy Hudson, Chief Network Officer of Aqua Comms.

The company offers a unique managed outsource model, which provides a platform for some of the world’s largest carriers to manage their networks.

What differentiates Aqua Comms from others is its ability to package and sell its core products with professional services. Aqua Comms believes that its model is sustainable and efficient for the future and prides itself on its flexibility, security, and reliability with high network and service availability standards. The financial and operational efficiencies derived from Aqua Comms’ outsourced operating model have proved beneficial for enterprises, especially in the telecom sector. The demand among enterprises in the telecom industry for specialists that deliver services on subsea cables has expanded Aqua Comms’ customer base to a greater extent. Customers ranging from carriers and global data centers, to global media, cloud, and content providers like OTT companies, and web-scale providers that utilize telecoms as part of their businesses benefit from Aqua Comms’ high-bandwidth, transport-layer subsea services. Companies investing in building new subsea cables are currently forging partnerships with Aqua Comms for its services suite.

The comprehensive range of services that Aqua Comms offers includes the planning, implementation and supply of fibre pairs, spectrum, and capacity services to the global media, content and carrier markets. Aqua Comms takes great pride in its robust procedures that reliably meet industry-leading delivery time commitments and exceeds customer expectations. As the demand for higher capacity, greater reach, and network flexibility rise among web-scale and content providers, Aqua Comms is aligning its interests along the same lines by pushing the barriers of technology on its networks, extending its existing systems, and building new cable routes.

Aqua Comms’ ability to combine the best of its outsourced model with the expertise and skill of its team to offer fitting solutions has been the hallmark of the company’s success. The company’s unique business model and its flexible network are designed to meet specific applications and business requirements of its customers. Other winning factors that drive Aqua Comms’ value in the marketplace are the network and service reliability of its subsea systems, its futuristic network, the diligent team, and its swift process from development to final handover.

Hudson narrates how in the light of the recent pandemic, infrastructure and networks began stretching their capacity to accommodate an increase in bandwidth requirements across the local access networks, which in turn affected the mobile, national and international networks.

With work from home trend triggering a huge spike in customer demand, Aqua Comms proactively planned and strengthened the network to keep up with growing demands.

Currently, Aqua Comms is driving its vision of efficient submarine infrastructure ownership and developing three new systems – America Europe Connect- 2 (AEC-2) and its share of the Havfrue cable, CeltixConnect-2 (CC-2), and North Sea Connect (NSC). Together, these systems will develop a resilient dual-path network across the Atlantic between North America and Europe, creating the North Atlantic Loop. AEC-2, a new Trans-Atlantic cable, will extend from New Jersey to Denmark with a branch on the west coast of Ireland. NSC, a repeated cable, will run from the UK to Denmark whereas CC-2, an unrepeated system will be across the UK and Ireland with branching units into the Isle of Man. Upon completion, these next-generation cable systems will provide uniquely diverse, high capacity routing from the U.S., Ireland, the UK to mainland Europe.

On the technology front, Aqua Comms is adopting and investing in innovations such as the CienaWaveLogic 5E to offer new capabilities, maintain leading-edge strategies and maximize capacity. The company is working on a distinct augmentation on the CienaWaveLogic 5E platform that will enable Aqua Comms Ciena Systems to push 20Tbits from London to New York with swifter delivery lead times, flexible product set, and better cost optimization, and allow its customers to cater to increasing consumer demands in the future.

Although Aqua Comms has already established itself as a trusted carriers’ carrier in the market, it seeks to upgrade its existing systems further and bring new systems to work with the industry to fulfill its needs. The company is already setting new standards in long haul subsea services through the successful delivery of AEC-1 and CC-1. “These are exciting times for us with three new systems going live over the next few months and we have plans for continued growth in these new systems,” says Hudson. By keeping up with the ever-growing demand in telecoms infrastructure, Aqua Comms is set to position itself as an independent infrastructure partner and Trans-Atlantic Specialist in the market.

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