The Speed of Light…

The speed at which data can be transmitted on our networks is milliseconds. We at Aqua Comms provide a wide range of services to our clients, meeting their specific needs. Our unique business model allows our customers to buy and/or lease dedicated subsea cable dark fibre or lease capacity managed services across our high capacity and extremely reliable transatlantic route. Our network is designed to meet specific application and business requirements of content providers, cloud-based networks, data centers, IT companies, and the global media. Flexible services further differentiate our business model. We are very much focused on our efficiency and speed and can have your connection in place in less than 72 hours.

Rapid Installation within 72 hours

Built for speed, we can have your Tier 1 Connection in place within three working days

Flexible Turnkey Solutions

Our modern network has been designed and engineered to offer our clients capacity that can be scaled in a time period reflective of your demands

Management & Capacity Planning

With technical support and a dedicated team, we can easily manage your own independent connection

10,000Km of Network & Counting

We recognise that every business has its own unique requirements and utilising our network of over 10,000+ kilometres, we’re confident we can deliver what you need

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    Aqua Comms Network Data Sheet


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