Aqua Comms Network

State-of-the-art network connecting Europe and the U.S.

Provides both fractional and full fibre pair solutions to multiple CLS and PoP locations in the U.S. and Europe

Ciena 6500 equipment deployed throughout the Aqua Comms Network


Pure Spectrum

  • Pure spectrum includes a band of frequencies and guard band
  • Any equipment can be utilized with Aqua Comms approval
  • Customer groups can utilise a fibre pair in fractions and obtain the density that pure spectrum allows without needing to buy a whole fibre pair
  • Aqua Comms implements equipment to prevent cross-interference between fractional owners and centrally manage the overall power of the system

Most Secure Route

  • Avoids shallow waters on the U.S. and Irish continental shelves, maximising protection against external aggression

    Onward Connectivity

    • Connect to end locations or sites using one of Aqua Comms’ partner networks

    Optimise Costs and Control Network

    • Aqua Comms fractionates fibre pairs using guard bands inclusive in the spectrum, dedicated to the customer
    • Capitalises customer’s network as an asset
    • Grows with customer’s network and communication needs

    Commercial Offerings

    • Commercial offerings are generally on an IRU basis
    • Typical terms are 10, 15 or 20 years
    • Other options are available for discussion

    U.S. PoPs

    • New Jersey, 800 Secaucus Rd (Equinix, NY5)
    • New York, 32 Ave of Americas (Telx, NYC3)
    • New York, 60 Hudson St (Equinix, NY8)
    • New York, 111 8th Avenue (Equinix, NY9)
    • New Jersey, NJFX, Wall (planned)
    • New York, 1025 Connect, Westbury, Long Island (planned)

    EU PoPs

    • Dublin, Interxion DUB2
    • Dublin, Equinix DB3
    • London, Telehouse West
    • London, Equinix Harbour Exchange (LD8)
    • London, Goswell Rd
    • London, Equinix Slough (LD6)
    • Manchester, Computacenter
    • Birmingham, TalkTalk
    • Frankfurt, Interxion (planned)
    • Amsterdam, Equinix (planned)

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